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Owing to various factors, historical as well as geographic, Mizoram, located in the far corner of the country, has been isolated for a long period and industrialization and technological inventions that have changed many other states of the Country and brought them to prosperity, did not reach Mizoram. Though Mizoram has many disadvantages owing to its geographical location and no access to sea, Mizoram has many natural advantages that other countries and states in India rarely have.

    • Covered with verdant forests dominated by thick bamboo groves, teeming with vibrant wildlife, sheer cliffs and breath-taking waterfalls, dotted with unique landmarks of myriad folklores and picturesque villages of houses built on stilts, Mizoram is a land of dramatic seas of morning mists that enfold islands of hills and peaks.
    • Mizoram has a moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year, and is an idyllic land of great natural beauty having rich variety of flora and fauna.
    • With a literacy rate of 91.85 % (2011 census), Mizoram is amongst the top three most literate states of the country.
    • Mizoram is amongst the very few states to have the lowest gender gap in the Country.
    • Mizoram had the second highest Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) growth in the entire North-East India during 11th five year plan.
    • Mizoram is one of the leading producers of bamboo in India, having more than 30 species of bamboo, and supplies 14% of India's commercial bamboo.
    • The nominal GSDP per capita figure of Mizoram stands at ₹159,645 (2017- 18 data year), making it stand at 15th rank in all India States and UT rankings, much higher than the other prosperous states like Punjab(16th), Madhya Pradesh (22nd), Maharashtra (24th). Infact, Mizoram’s GSDP growth rate at 9% is higher than the country’s GSDP growth rate of 8.4 %.